Not for any real purpose, just two conversations I wanted to record because I was amused.


ME: My ex-boyfriend used to hit me. I don't need that shit.
CHRISTIAN: Good. You need a guy like me.
ME: A gay guy?
ME: Then I'd never get laid!
CHRISTIAN: But I'd never cheat on you with another girl!


CHRISSY: You meet everyone on the Internet! Are any of them hot?
ME: Oh, totally.
ME: Well [ profile] jameserin is hot! I'd fuck her.
CHRISSY: Why haven't you?
ME: Um, she lives in like, Ohio, for starters.
CHRISSY: What part of Ohio?
ME: Toledo, I think.
CHRISSY: I'm surprised you haven't come up with some excuse for something you just MUST see in Toledo.
ME: What the fuck? Have you ever known me to drive to another state for a booty call?
CHRISSY: No. That's why I'm trying to help you along by coming up with an excuse for something else you need to do in the area.

(Sorry, [ profile] jameserin! I swear if you weren't so hot you wouldn't just work yourself into my conversations. ;)
I'm going to the mall tonight, with Chrissy. It should be cool, 'cause I haven't seen her since the eighth grade, and that's a damn long time when you're a teenager. Two + years, really.

Next week I go to Germany. I have exactly seven days and ... 13 minutes ... from today, and I will be boarding a plane to Deutschland. I hope I spelled that right.

I'm grounded from driving. It really sucks, I had gotten attached to it and it was nice to NOT have to have someone drive me everywhere and be on their schedule. It's my own fault, but oh well. That's life.

I got a really cute Gizmo shirt at Hot Topic today. Except there was something nasty on it, so I threw it in the wash and let's just hope it comes off.

Ugh. My keyboard is making funky noises. Probably because I was banging on it, trying to get it to work earlier ... *gulps* Whoops.

I need to get a sweatshirt for Alex. And soon. And a coffee table book. And I need to start packing and making a list and all ... oh well.

I'm going to Canada tomorrow. Should be fun, I've never been there. Within the next week, I'll be in three different countries. America, Canada, and Germany. That'll make a grand total of four foreign countries I've been to - that being Canada, Germany, France, and Ireland. I'll even have my friend tied. She went to Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, and Belgium, but that was basically all at once cuz it was like a four-point border or something ... well, whatever.

I hope it doesn't REALLY take 8 hours to get to Ontario ... well, with the way my dad drives, probably not. :)

See ya!!!



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