I need to be studying. I have an Anth test due TODAY, and a Physiological psych final tomorrow. 30% of my grade. I need to do well. I don't know where to begin studying.

Currently, I am working. Thankfully, I have only had normal people trying to buy country music so far, none of this car hijacking and stroke victims stuff. I am trying to save money. I did get a check in the mail from the trivia company today. $40, but it's something.

Well, I'm fairly well prepped for my Anth test. No reason not to do that between calls, right?

I want this semester to be over like ... yesterday. I just want to work, make money, live my life, kthx.

I should be studying. I have three tests tomorrow. I am prepared for none of them.

This weekend was awesome. I'm so sad it's over. Let's just say Gale Harold is fucking FLAWLESS, and us girls spent the evening with hot locals in lovely gay Chelsea. Yes, we rock so much. I can't wait to do it again.

Being home is so anticlimactic. I'm going to be home so little over the next few months. Texas, Chicago, Denver, etc.

Maryam and I were planning to enact our Ultimate Plan with [livejournal.com profile] o0oktlady, hopefully, but unfortunately I do have a test that Friday, so there's no way we can be there. I'm sorry, Katie! It would've been awesome if we could have done it while you were there, but there is no way I can skip a test.

I need to work more. Maybe I should become a sex texter. Haha.

Okay. I'll post something later. I'm out.




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