Sorry, but we all know I can't keep my mouth shut on anything. [ profile] ashley has watched me pacing the apartment going, "I'm not going to say anything. No, I am. No, I'm not." ETC.

I wouldn't have an abortion. Ever. Unless I would die, I wouldn't have an abortion.

I support the right to choose. To an extent. Abortion is not something I have ever or will ever agree with, but I support other women having the right to choose, and if you had to make that choice, I would support you. I'm pro-life for me and pro-choice for you.

That being said, I'm definitely NOT pro-choice enough to vote for it, or defend it, or anything like that. Nor am I pro-life enough to do any of that. Does that make me a shitty person? An anti-femininist? Fine. I don't like abortion. I don't like that there needs to be that choice. But it's there, and people want it, and in some cases, yeah -- it's valid. But while I'd support you in making that choice, I'm not going to fight for it. I'm not passionate about it. We pick and choose our battles, and this isn't mine.

I don't, however, support partial-birth abortions. Late-term abortions. Whatever you want to call them ... I don't support them. There are exceptions -- maternal distress, for example. But in general, I don't. Why? Because just waiting, without having a good reason, is lazy and weak, in my opinion. I don't see how anyone can let a baby grow in them for FIVE MONTHS and then decide they're done. I don't think that being able to have an abortion in the late second or even the third trimester should be acceptable, and I don't think it should be a choice you can just make. (And I know in some places it isn't.) And while I do support the right to choose (regardless of whether it sounds that way or not), I really don't support the right to choose for as long as you please.

Yeah, okay, so I've said my word and that's all I have to say. I tried to keep my mouth shut, I really did, but then I figured -- why should I? All over my flist and in communities I've seen people talking about it ... so why shouldn't I say my piece? Take it for what it is -- my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

Besides, it's not like everyone on my flist didn't already know my political leanings ... right? ;)
I hate my state right about now.

They were going to pass an anti-gay-discrimination law, and what happens? A bunch of people want to "Take back" the state and get a bunch of sigs against it, because apparently being gay is WRONG. And the scary thing is? They might be able to do it.

I'm sorry if I piss off anybody, any of my friends is more like it, but this is my journal and I'm going to say how I feel.

It's a bunch of SHIT. No one CHOOSES to be gay. You can't CHANGE that, despite what some wannabe politician may say. You can't be CURED by a psychotherapist. It's not a DISEASE. How can you possibly cure something that isn't wrong or bad? Tell me, because I don't understand.

So go ahead and try to take back our state. Petition in the fucking shopping centers and get the head of the Muslim churches to ORDER his congregants to sign the petition. Why don't you just take away the women's right to vote with it? Let's go back a little further, how about if we buy our clothing through the trade of cows? Or, better yet, LET'S CLUB PEOPLE OVER THE HEAD WHEN WE DON'T LIKE THEM! THAT'LL MAKE IT ALL BETTER!

So someone wants to be gay. Who gives a fuck if it's a choice or NOT? It's not hurting the natural family because straight people outnumber gays by a LOT. Mother's Day WON'T be revoked. So fuck all that bullshit about how schools shouldn't teach tolerance of gays. Because god knows that if you said "we shouldn't teach tolerance of blacks", there'd be an uproar from here to China.

I have one thought for all those anti-gay people out there: When YOU are supposedly "perfect", THEN you start talking. But until then, how about if everyone finds something they don't like about YOU and discriminates against YOU based on that? Huh? How's that sound? Not so good, huh?

It just drives me crazy ... I liked our state so much, and suddenly, HOLA, we're the regressive state. One of many, I'm sure, but still.

And you know? If God says being gay is a sin? Fine. That's just fine. But all I know is I don't want to have anything to do with any god who would say something so decidedly unchangeable is a sin. Fuck that. I'd sooner worship Satan.

~ Jess, the pissed-off one. (Again ... I do apologize if I've offended any of my friends. It was not my intention, I just needed to vent on how I felt.)



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