Double-posting, but, random question:

How do you greet your friends?

It's come to my attention that I greet different groups of people differently, and that they greet each other different.

If I'm greeting straight guy friends, I usually give them a hug or a wave.
Straight girl friends, a hug. (Unless they're Hispanic, in which case a kiss on the cheek.)
Gay guys, a kiss on the cheek.
Gay girls, a kiss on the cheek or a hug.

What do you do?
My sister, Katie, and I were discussing outfits for the 70's party and my mom was consulting.

KATIE: What about this?
MOM: No, those colors aren't really right.
ME: It doesn't really matter. It's a bunch of gay guys. They won't be trying to like, get with you.
MOM: Katie, I'd be more worried about what I was wearing at a party with a bunch of gay guys! They'll know if you look bad!

A poll, because I've had many a discussion with friends about how queerness seems to run in families.

[Poll #1031339]
Poll, tie-in to my queer tv project of which I am writing a report. Check all that apply.

[Poll #988031]

ALSO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] laughforthelove!!!!
Mmm, so I've realized that I have this one group of friends who is all marriage-minded and another who isn't. So, a poll. :) Anyone, friends and non-friends alike can vote, only I can see your answers, if you choose to comment comments are screened & I will only unscreen if you specify it's okay with you.

[Poll #976975]

A poll!

Apr. 19th, 2007 07:37 pm
Because I spend far too much time running doing statistics I am a naturally curious person, I found myself wondering about how old people are when they start dating. I always thought I was a "late bloomer" because I didn't start dating until I was 15 (of course, at that point I thought that people who held hands in sixth grade had been dating for years), but I've realized that most of my real life friends did not start dating until they were almost done with high school or in college, if at all. So I'm curious -- when did you start dating? I mean actually going on dates, not hanging out with someone in school when you were 12 and calling them your boyfriend despite never having gone anywhere or even talked on the phone. You know what I mean.

And, out of curiosity, did you attend college? I'm curious if this is at all influential.

And then I may run a statistical analysis or something equally geeky that only [ profile] thewesternsky will relate to.

So, lj-friends and any random passersby, do let me know. :)

[Poll #969793]
Another random poll! Skip what you will. This is how it works: only I can see what you answered. I'm non-judgemental, I swear. Other people can only see percentages of what people put.


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