My sister, Katie, and I were discussing outfits for the 70's party and my mom was consulting.

KATIE: What about this?
MOM: No, those colors aren't really right.
ME: It doesn't really matter. It's a bunch of gay guys. They won't be trying to like, get with you.
MOM: Katie, I'd be more worried about what I was wearing at a party with a bunch of gay guys! They'll know if you look bad!

A poll, because I've had many a discussion with friends about how queerness seems to run in families.

[Poll #1031339]
So, I had school and I didn't get to do this, but a bunch of my lovely friends including [ profile] jittrbugg participated in a day with SoulForce this spring, which is this bus ride (actually, there's two - east and west coasts) that goes to schools with anti-queer policies to talk to students about it and protest. Sometimes it's futile, and nothing changes, and people get arrested.

Sometimes it's not.

This is an article about resulting changes this year. But pretty much the most amazing thing in my mind? Brigham Young University changed their policy on homosexuality. BRIGHAM-MOTHERFUCKING-YOUNG. Only one of the most religious, strict universities in the US, run by the Mormon church. They were actively told not to come by the LDS.

Anyway. BYU previously had a policy against homosexual behavior that was "implicit or explicit." This was changed to a policy against behavior, not feelings or orientation.

I think that's pretty amazing. It's a long way to go. A seriously, seriously long way to go. But that's something. (And, um, they definitely wrote 'orientation,' not 'choice.')

Other goodness to come from it:

- Gay-straight alliances at six schools
- an unofficial LGBT group at Pepperdine was granted a new hearing on achieving official status
- Baylor students are petitioning to have the policy on 'homosexual behavior' reviewed

Also, in really, really odd news (to me), Jerry Falwell's ghostwriter was apparently gay. And the founder of SoulForce. Now, that is just weird. (Also, Fred Phelps protested at Falwell's funeral. Wow, I thought they'd be BFF.)



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